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[إنجليزية] فقرات باللغة النجليزية
05-13-2012, 06:15 PM,
حصري  فقرات باللغة النجليزية

اعجبتني هذه الفقرات القصيرة و احببت ان انقلها لكم للاستفادة اتمنى ان تعجبكم ايضا

The person I admire most

The person I admire most is my father. He is a role model father He is a
successful doctor. He treats his patients kindly. He is serious and sincere at
work. He is a friendly character who spares no effort to help those who need
him and holds back nothing in due. He is loved by all people around him. I am
greatly affected by him so I wish very much to follow in his footsteps. That's
why I consider him the
Heart most important person in my life.

Life in the future

Life in the future will-be much easier and comfortable than our life
today. Every family will own its home. The sun will provide us with the energy
we need. Every home will have two or three computers and everyone will talk to
their friends on the internet. Nobody will use telephones any more. We will see
people's faces on the computer screen. Cars will run on fuel cell batteries and
our cities will be cleaner and quieter. I think we will travel more, as planes
will be faster and cheaper. Perhaps planes will fly to the moon!

The computer

The computer is one of the modern wonders of the world. It is an obvious part
of technology that reaches into most people's lives because they are far more
accurate and efficient than human beings. It can be put to varied uses. It can
easily perform simple and complex calculations. It can be used in banks to
control our cash and keep bank accounts. Also, in hospitals, it can be used to
check our health. Also, The computer is ideal for doing our everyday needs: it
can be used to reserve aeroplane tickets, in shopping, communicate with
relatives and colleagues. In the end, we can't do without the computer.


Nothing is ugly than seeing tones of rubbish piles and exhaust fumes
sent up into the atmosphere. Pollution is an environmental problem which arises
from man's unwise abuse of his natural surroundings and resources such as air
and water:* It's a big problem that needs all efforts to put an end to . On one
hand, man has foolishly damaged his environment when poisoned , the atmosphere and
polluted the earth and water. Polluted air may damage man's lungs and cause
death. Also, Adding poisonous gases such as Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
may cause increased temperatures consequently the ice at the Arctic
and Antarctic is melted. So, environmental conferences are yearly held all over
the world to discuss pollution problems, show its dangers and offer solutions.
In the end, man has to reach a balanced relation i^ in his everyday dealings
with the environment.


Friends are either good or bad. Some of them are worthy of respects while
others are hateful ones. Personally I like helpful friends who are ready to
stand by me in time of troubles, and share my joy and sorrow. Moreover, man has
no choice in making friends, yet he should be carefully cautious when befriends
anyone. He must test him in some situations before he reveals any of his
secrets. Among friends I feel warmth brotherhood that is why I take my friend
as a refuge (shelter) where I find relief and comfort a To sum up, a friend in
need is a friend indeed.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are of great importance to many people in society from a
businessman to an ordinary man. They can't do without. In time of emergency
people need to make a phone call asking for the ambulance help. In travel,
mobiles are necessary to tell other people how you are doing. But some people
have bad habits when using mobiles. They sometimes disturb people indoors
unnecessarily at midnight. While driving, they may cause death, so the
government should pass strict laws against using them while driving. However,
doctors warn people of its drawbacks exposing themselves to the side effects of
electromagnetic a., waves causing cancer. So people should use mobile phones
more wisely and quietly.


Nothing can live without water. The water we drink is a blessing of Allah;
however we are not wise in using it. Everyone should feel sorry for every drop
of water eu5jjaa wasted in our house. We all know that water is necessary for
drinking, cooking, washing and irrigation. We are going to reclaim new areas of
desert land. Meanwhile, water is a renewable source of energy which is cheap to
generate electricity. So, all people should know how to care for every drop of
water because the next century will witness a severe attack and an endless war
for providing water supplies


Tourism is considered one of the most important earners of foreign currency.
Tourists spend a lot of hard currency during their stay in Egypt. Tourists
like to visit Egypt
to enjoy the sun shine, and the wonderful historic places. They not only like
to visit the citadel, the pyramids, Luxor and Aswan but they like to
see our modern renaissance as well. The world countries are competing among
each other to provide the best world tourist services. We should do our best to
encourage tourists to visit us again and again. We should establish cheap
hotels and tourist villages along our shores. Finally, we can say that tourism
is a giant project helps flourish our economy.


Health is a priceless treasure that completes our happiness and a gift of
Allah. We cannot really enjoy our life if we are unhealthy. For an unhealthy
person, life is no more than pain and suffering. He is a helpless member who
cannot take part in the process of development. However, healthy people are
always good members in their societies and help to achieve its welfare and
progress. So, people should take care of their personal cleanliness as it is
tremendously important in the prevention of many kinds of infections. In order
to be healthy, we must be clean. We must never eat food that smells bad or
swollen canned food. We should always wash hands before and after a meal. We
must either boil tap water or cool it before we drink. In the end, as it has
been said that "prevention is better than cure" so everybody should
pay attention to his health.


Reading is fun.
It's the food of the mind. Reading
is the most useful hobby. You can gain a lot of knowledge and information
through reading. A book is the best friend one could have, with a book you can
fly from one country to another in a short time. You can see and know about
places you have never been to. If you want to know about sports or even magic,
all you can do is to pick up a book and go through it. So, our schools are
provided with libraries in order to encourage our students to read to help them
know more and more not only about the subjects they study, but about life as
well. In brief, we have to read and read to feel that we are human beings.


Information is not only power but it is everything as well. You can not make
decisions or plan anything unless it is based on valid information. Almost all
activities in daily life are based on information. Thanks to computers, huge
amounts of information are stored, classified. n-. ,r.j and stored and can be
retrieved sjui^iin

no time. Industry, trade, medicine, science, air travel, agriculture and even
art depend on the validity Ju»->u, of information. It is said

that the information of the world is increasing rapidly. It is true that we
live in the age of information.

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07-16-2012, 11:20 AM,
RE: فقرات باللغة النجليزية
thank you

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10-19-2012, 08:45 AM,
RE: فقرات باللغة النجليزية
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